To initiate a request for cataloguing and/or certification of an artwork please do the following:

1. Carefully read, complete and sign the five-page document “Agreement, Details + Release” (downloadable below).

2. Supply us with digital images of the artwork as follows:

– High-resolution color image of front
– High-resolution color image of rear
– High-resolution color image of signature detail
– 18 x 24 cm matte or semi-matte photographic color print of front

Please shoot without flash under flat, shadowless light on a uniform white background. Digital images may be burned onto a CD or emailed to info@archivioghelli.it. Images must be in JPG format with a minimum resolution of 8 MP (short side at least 2,400 pixels).

3. Provide copies of any accompanying documents (articles, reviews, invitations, press releases, loan agreements, certifications signed by the artist, etc.) in which the artwork is reproduced or cited.

4. Send the CD and all documentation via Registered Post to:

Archivio Giuliano Ghelli
via del Campofiore, 96
50136 Firenze – Italy